Services of Bonner Consultants are as varied as the needs of our clients.  As consultants to management, we are prepared to provide expert counsel on a broad spectrum of issues embracing organizational development, positioning, audits, branding, news media strategies and crisis communications.  Our senior consultants also offer leadership training, executive coaching and one and two-day seminars on leadership and the communications function


Branding/ Positioning. Devise positioning that is consistent with the vision, reputation and character of the organization. Identify disconnects between performance and the perceptions of key audiences and recommend steps to bring the two into alignment. Develop strategy to leverage reputation so that it creates a halo over all corporate products and services. Create long-range plan to address opportunities and barriers to success.

Competitive Communications Strategies. Side-by-side analysis of competitor messages in the marketplace. How are perceptions influencing consumer behavior? How does communications support the strategic plan and business direction?

Crisis Communications. Devise strategies to overcome negative publicity and turn media attention to advantage. Identify and eliminate potential problems and develop communications plans for crisis situations to protect the value of the organization.

Image and Reputation. Test whether reputation follows performance. Assess perceptions of key internal and external audiences, including the news media, to measure credibility and address shortcomings. Create a public relations plan that reinforces the desired reputation.

Speaker Services. Christopher Bonner, president and founder of Bonner Consultants, Inc., and a recognized authority on marketing, branding and public relations, is available to speak at conferences and other events.

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