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What is Positioning?

Positioning captures and articulates the essence of the organization, serving as the rudder for communications, marketing and relationships. Everything your organization says and does contributes to perceptions - perceptions that may, or may not, reflect the image you desire. Through positioning, the organization expresses its values and intended performance.

Positioning is your home address. It tells key audiences that where you live is quality, or customer service, or advocacy, or partnering or any attribute that is grounded in performance. It is not the sizzle. It is the steak. How you are positioned drives how you are perceived and how well you succeed.

Organizations strive for a global position to which each application or brand is tailored. Toyota is positioned around quality transportation, FedEx around customer service, the Marines around selectivity, Disney around quality entertainment. Products are also effectively positioned. For example, positioned as a dental care product, chewing gum is sold in the grocery store aisle with toothpaste, gargle and dental floss.

What are the benefits of Positioning?

Positioning places your organization in the right neighborhood so that key audiences immediately understand and relate to it. Understanding lights the way for acceptance and growth.

Positioning becomes the foundation for everything the organization says and does. It becomes the guide for product development and service delivery, and it provides the platform for messages, marketing and communications.

Board, staff, customers, members, strategic partners, the news media and government officials will see and hear one organization speaking with one voice. Messages are more clear, consistent, easily communicated and credible.

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