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Communication audits are our business -- not a sideline.  We find out what is going on with performance and communications, and spell out what needs to be done for communications to be more effective and competitive. That requires an insightful and unvarnished look at the way things are and they way they ought to be.
Confidential interviews by senior consultants are the primary tool of research.  What emerges is a vivid portrait of the organization from the perspective of the audiences that matter most.  Surveys provide quantifiable data supporting recommendations and strategic planning.
The communications audit is a management tool that illuminates the messages, values, practices, effectiveness and structure of public relations and marketing functions. These functions define the image, reputation and marketing platform. Fundamental questions driving the audit include:

  • Are messages clear, consistent and compelling?
  • Are the channels and structure right for today?
  • Do messages sent match messages received?
  • How may public relations, marketing and media relations better support the strategic direction?
  • What can the leadership do to influence perceptions by key audiences?

An audit provides an independent analysis of how well your communications is supporting the strategic direction and identifies opportunities for enhanced success.  It is a snapshot in time of your organization’s ability to shape how key audiences understand your organization. Contact Us for more information.

Bonner Consultants are leaders in the field of communications audits and strategic communications research. Our audits are a penetrating examination of all aspects of communications and marketing, articulate a communications vision and define the contours of an effective strategic marketing communications plan.

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