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We create branding programs that extend your vision and strategically leverage reputation with a footprint that is only as large as it needs to be.

Branding is rooted in research, framed by positioning and interpreted by uniform application of colors, words and symbols. This credible, clear, graphic representation of an organization is the brand. The brand, sometimes known as the corporate identity, expresses a look that is recognized, remembered and distinguished from the competition. A larger purpose of the brand is to cast a halo over all products and services that the organization supports. This halo ripens opportunities for cross selling and up selling.

Effectiveness of branding rests on three principles:

1. Credibility The brand must reflect performance

2. Continuity Look, color palate, uniformity invite recognition and recall

3. Repetition The first law of learning

Developing the creative brief is the last phase of a branding engagement, not the first. Product and market research is the foundation of successful branding. Experienced consultants build branding from the ground up to insure that messages are credible and connect with target audiences, and that the tactics are right. Branding is not a magic pill. It will not cure a performance problem. But managed creatively, branding will provide competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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